Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Get paid to do websites are scams

If you are wanting to make some cash online...... DON'T JOIN GET PAID TO DO WEBSITES! you will only be wasting your life filling out surveys, watching adverts and what other rubbish they get you doing and all for nothing. you wont be receiving any of the pennies they promise you due to the fact that they are scams! These get paid to do website prey on teenagers and those wanting a quick bit of cash online. It is sickening really how they lure people in... get them to do loads of surveys and when they are able to claim their prize from their points or claim the cash they have earned the website refuses to pay and bans your account... You can comply with all their rules to the T but the fact is that even if you do they will come up with some ludicrous excuse to not pay you.. simply because they never had any intention to pay you or anyone.... People who claim to get paid on these sites are either lying to try and boost their affiliate sign ups to the account in the hope that they can get money that way.. are are simply the owners themselves. Don't bother with these stupid pathetic website that prey on the vulnerable who are desperate for cash! Read this for more info on these scams